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Cosmetic Podiatry

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Cosmetic Podiatry

  Cosmetic Podiatry

Dr.Fathy  offers many procedures in cosmetic podiatry. The following is a list of the most common cosmetic foot surgeries, and many of them can be combined to give your feet a comprehensive makeover.

  Bunion removal

Bunion is a painful bump at the first joint of a person's big toe. It's a very bothersome foot condition (for females especially) that often makes it difficult to wear pointed shoes. In severe cases, it can cause pain during walking. Removal of the bunion is a common procedure in cosmetic foot surgery.

  Toe straightening

Toes can appear crooked or angular, often due to bunion deformity. The big toe will appear out of alignment, pointing inwards toward the smaller toes. Toe straightening restores a natural appearance to the big toe by correcting its misalignment.

  Toe Shortening

Is one of your toes abnormally long? The second toe (next to your big toe) will often exhibit this cosmetic problem. If you're unhappy about the length of one or more of your toes, a cosmetic foot surgeon can perform toe shortening.

  Toe Lengthening

An abnormally short toe is a documented congenital problem known as brachymetatarsia. In many cases, a cosmetic foot surgeon or podiatrist can lengthen the toe so it appears normal.

  Corn Removal

Corns are found on the joints or knuckles of your toes or in between the toes. Cosmetic foot surgeons remove corns with minimal or no scarring.

  Foot Narrowing

Cosmetic foot surgery can be performed to make one's feet slimmer. If the width of your has led to problems fitting into certain shoes, you might benefit from this procedure.

  Flat Feet or Misshaped Feet

Aside from cosmetic issues, abnormal foot shape can cause discomfort and pain. Flat feet lack the proper arch, but a special surgically placed implant can help. Misshaped feet can be a result of many factors; wearing particular shoes for a long time can be a contributor, basically causing the feet to become formed to the shoe. Contact us to learn more about how problems from misshaped feet can be resolved.


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