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Breast Lift

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Breast Lift

Aging, genetics, pregnancy, breast-feeding and significant weight loss can cause your breasts to sag. By removing excess skin, then raising and reshaping the breast, this procedure will restore and enhance your breast contour and firmness.
In addition to sagging, some women experience a loss of breast volume. In such cases, implants would be used in conjunction with the breast lift to increase breast size at the same time as the shape and position of the breast are enhanced.

  About the Procedure:

Your surgeon will make an incision to outline the skin that is to be removed and the new position for the nipple. Excess skin is removed from beneath the breast and the skin that was formerly located above the nipple is pulled together to reshape the breast. The breasts are now firmer, higher and more youthful looking. At the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland, our surgical technique uses only two incisions, instead of the traditional three, to allow for better sloping, minimal scarring, less operating time and a quicker recovery.
A breast lift takes two to three hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure. This surgery is done on an outpatient basis with general anesthesia. Because safety is our first concern, we always work with board-certified anesthesiologists to ensure that your surgery is as safe as possible. Following your surgery, you may recover in a medically supervised setting or in the comfort of your own home.


  • Higher, symmetrical breast positioning

  • Renewed firmness

  • Feel better about your appearance

  • Clothes have a more flattering fit

  • Recovery & Aftercare:

  • Patients may experience some degree of bruising, swelling and tenderness

  • Bed rest the day of surgery is recommended

  • Limit activity for the next two days following surgery

  • Avoid strenuous activities for about one to two weeks

  • Patients can typically return to work within the first week

  • We may recommend a sports bra be worn for a couple of weeks following surgery



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