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Breast revision, Breast revision surgery - DR.Fathy Khodair

Breast Revision

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Breast Revision

When a woman undergoes breast augmentation surgery, it’s likely that the last thing on her mind is having a second surgery -- called breast revision surgery -- on her breasts. However, it’s important to understand that breast implants are not lifetime devices. In fact, the warranties on most breast implants are for a term of only 10 years. Due to the nature of implants, some secondary surgery is virtually given at some point in the patient’s lifetime.

According to FDA statistics, switching to a larger size implant is in fact estimated to account for approximately 37% of all breast revision surgeries in the United States, Dr.Fathy says that when women come into his office for a consultation about breast augmentation, one of the biggest concerns is often that they don’t want their new breasts to be too big. After the post-op swelling goes down and they get used to their new breasts, however, they are often singing a different tune.

Women choose breast surgery for personal reasons. Feeling beautiful is the first thing on a patient’s mind and no woman expects unsatisfying results. Whether you’re unhappy with the results from prior breast surgery, or you desire a different look or size than originally sought, our surgeons are prepared with breast revision surgery solutions to achieve your desired look.

Breast correction surgery requires a keen eye for aesthetics, a commitment to keeping informed of the new and innovative techniques as they become available, and the ability to develop problem-solving techniques – all key attributes of our board certified breast surgeons


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