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MACS lift, facial rejuvenation surgery - DR.Fathy Khodair


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  How is the MACS lift different from the traditional face lift?

  • The incision is confined to the skin hairline junction above and anterior to the ear. It does not extend behind the ear.
  • Unlike a normal facelift, the undermining area is significantly smaller and only includes a fraction of the cheek. Since the undermining area is less, the skin's blood supply is more
  • vigorous, which makes the technique safer for smokers. Compared to other lifts, the risk of skin necrosis is considerably less.
  • Permanent suspension sutures are utilized to raise the underlying tissue. The sutures go through the neck, jowls and cheek fat pad. While other facelifts do not provide mid face elevation, the MACS lift raises the malar fat pad which reduces the naso labial folds.
  • Since the SMAS (superficial masculoaponeurotic system) has no undermining, damage to the facial nerve is highly unlikely.
  • Since there is very little undermining and dissection, post operative swelling and oedema is not as much as in normal face lifts, and the result is a faster recovery.
  • As shown in the illustrations, the malar fat pad, which is elevated, unites easily with lower lid bleharoplasty. The reduction in the height of the lower eyelid produces a smoother and more youthful appearance.
  • Most of the time, a liposuction is done to remove excess fat from the neck area below the angle of the mandible. This also frees up the skin so that it can be re-draped by the suspension sutures.
  • In almost every case, the MACS face lift will have results equal to or better than conventional face lifts. It is particularly applicable for younger patients who have a sagging mid face. Sometimes when a patient has significant neck sagging, an incision posterior has to be made to remove the slack. Fortunately, this isn't necessary most of the time.

  How is the operation done?

The operation is done with general anaesthesia and most patients remain in the hospital for two days afterwards. The operation usually takes approximately three hours and is usually combined with lower lid blepharoplasty, since lifting the malar fat pad also raises the lower eyelids which makes it simple to remove the excess skin. The suspension of the malar area usually prevents the need for any additional work to the fat pads.

  How long is the recovery period?

On the night before the operation, the patient is put in a firm bulky woolen bandage and two small non-suction drains are inserted behind the ear. The drains and bandage are removed the next day.

Afterwards, the patient wears a light chin-up bandage for one week. Any residual bruising, especially around the eyes, is treated with a massage two times a day and Arnica cream.

  When will the stitches be removed?

The lower blepharoplasty incision stitches are removed after three days. The stitches in front of the ears and alternate hairline are taken out after five days, and the remaining hairline sutures after ten days.

  Why is this procedure better than a traditional facelift?

The MACS lift represents a major development for facial rejuvenation surgery since it requires minimal undermining and has a faster recovery. Additionally, it improves the mid face and malar area which other facelift procedures do not address.

  How long will it last?

Depending on your skin elasticity, diet and UV sunlight ray exposure, a MACS facelift will have positive effects for about 10 years.


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