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Meet Dr. Fathy Khodair

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> Professor of Plastic Surgery Cairo University.

> Membership:1992.


Dr. Fathy Khodair has been on medical trips and missions to countries around the world, including USA, China, the Philippines, Mexico, Canada,Kywait,Qatar,Lebanon,Oman,Bahrain,Tunis Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Syria. In his spare time, Dr. Fathy enjoys spending time with his wife and family, Travel around the world ,playing golf, and Tennis .
Dr.Fathy has presented on various surgical topics at regional and national meetings around the country, and has written articles on both general and plastic surgery which have appeared in many national, peer-reviewed journals. he has been recognized for patient care, leadership, and community service. Dr. Fathy is board certified in plastic surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.
Dr. Fathy Khodair's primary mission is to assist you in attaining a more attractive body and image. Simply, Dr. Fathy Khodair educate those seeking information about elective medical procedures and encourage them to make informed choices, based on knowledge, confidence and trust. Dr. Fathy Khodair do this in an effort to assist you in making a positive impact in your life.
Over the last several years, Dr.Fathy Clinic has assembled an array of tools designed to assist you in determining which procedures are best for you.
Dr.Fathy Clinic wishes you the most attractive body and image.

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