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Mommy Makeover plastic surgery - DR Fathy Khodair

Mommy Makeover

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Mommy Makeover

You devote so much of yourself and your resources to your children - from time and energy to money and miles on the car. You feel good about it, knowing that every sacrifice is more than worthwhile to keep your family healthy and happy. But sometimes, in all that you do, your own well being gets a little lost. What if you could take great care of yourself and raise your children too? That's exactly the philosophy behind the Mommy Makeover. More than ever, you have exciting surgical options to reverse the unwanted effects of childbearing and age.
We hear all kinds of reasons why mommies put off cosmetic improvement. Some mothers are worried about taking time away from their hectic schedules to undergo a surgical procedure. While time is a precious commodity for all of us these days, stop and think about how much your beauty and health are worth to you. Would you be able to accomplish more with a fresh perspective and younger feel? Would it be easier to succeed at work and at home when you're feeling great about your appearance? Many of our patients say "absolutely," and tell us they wish they had their plastic surgery after child birth and pregnancy sooner.

Other women are worried about focusing on themselves, rather than their families. Many of our patients find that it's essential to do both: recognize that how you feel as a mom is integral to the strength of your family. It is simply not self-centered or vain to take care of yourself or to want to feel youthful, sexy and self-confident. Having a positive self image certainly benefits you, but it also can improve your interactions with loved ones. You may be a mommy, but never forget that you are still your own person.


  What is it - and do I need a mommy makeover?
After child-birth, the female body changes, and as you age. A mommy makeover uses plastic surgery to help you. It's not something everybody wants, or needs. However, the results can be spectacular, both from a mental and physical well-being perspective. We encourage you to take a look around our site, and at the before and after pictures.

  How much does mommy makeovers cost?
The costs will vary. But, if you fill out the form above - today - we have a special promotion for you. It's a time-sensitive program, so you should act today.

  Any pictures of mommy makeovers - before & after?
Yes, you can look at our before and after pictures. Mommy makeover breast augmentation before and after.

  Risks of mommy makeovers after pregnancy?
The risks are the same as with any surgery of this kind. Some of the risks are simply delays in the healing after the surgery. Dr. Fathy will explain all the risks or complications to make sure you understand, and have all the information to help you decide.

  What is the normal recovery times?
We expect the recovery time to vary. But, discomfort around the mummy makeover incisions is to be expected. They heal in about 5-10 days, when the sutures are removed. Find out more information above.


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