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  What is Perlane?

Perlane, like Restylane, is a dermal filler and is a long-lasting gel that, once injected into the skin with an ultra-fine needle, lift and add volume and help diminsh fine lines. Made of a natural substance called hyaluronic acid, it is a completely safe treatment. The hyaluronic acid in Perlane simply supplements the body's age-depleted hyaluronic acid to plump-up the lip or to raise the skin and 'fill in' the particular wrinkle being treated.

The difference between Restylane and Perlane is the size of the particle (with Perlane containing more hyaluronic acid). This means that Perlane does a better job of filling deep lines while Restylane is used in fine lines or in thin skinned people.

These products last for between six and nine months, although individuals will have varied results.

Perlane is an excellent treatment for wrinkle correction, lip enhancement, smile lines and deep folds.

Perlane is one of several hyaluronic acid-based soft tissue fillers , It is approved to treat moderate to mild creases around the mouth, but is used off label for plumping eyebrows, smoothing under-eye hollows, enhancing the lips, defining the cupid's bow (the curve of the upper lip), enhancing volume and defining contours of the cheeks, chin and jawline. Some doctors also use Perlane to soften the appearance of scars and other depressed facial marks.

Like other hyaluronic acid-based fillers, Perlane helps replenish your body's depleting supply of hyaluronic acid, which is found in the connective tissues of your body. Advancing age and the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation cause our natural supply of hyaluronic acid to diminish, and this can manifest in an aging face.

Perlane is manufactured by Medicis Aesthetics. This is the same company that makes Restylane, another hyaluronic acid-based soft tissue filler. Perlane is slightly thicker than Restylane. Put another way: The size of Perlane particles is larger, which means it packs more hyaluronic acid, and as a result may be a better bet for filling deeper lines.

  Decisions, Decisions: Is Perlane Right for You?

With so many soft tissue fillers available, the best — and only — way to make sure you choose the right one is to have an open discussion with a qualified physician. Board-certified plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons are the most qualified doctors to use these products. Your doctor will take your facial structure and aesthetic objective into account before recommending Perlane or another product. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all filler.

To make it easy to find a surgeon, All About Facial Rejuvenation has compiled a directory that only includes surgeons who have attained the highest levels of education, training and experience. Why take a gamble with your facial appearance when this high-quality resource is available to help you select a trustworthy medical professional

Your surgeon will go over dos and don'ts with you before your Perlane injection. This may include avoiding any medications that can increase bleeding, such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), for at least a week before Perlane treatment and for several days afterward. Some homeopathic and herbal remedies also increase this risk. Avoiding these products may reduce the risk of bruising and bleeding at the injection site. Make sure you tell your doctor about anything you take on a regular basis so he or she can determine whether it will interfere with your Perlane treatment, recovery or results.

  Perlane Injections: What to Expect

There are no animal products used in Perlane, so an allergy test is not necessary. Perlane injections are performed in your doctor's office on an outpatient basis. The procedure typically takes about 30 minutes, but this may vary based on the extent of your treatment. Your doctor will likely apply a topical numbing cream before injecting Perlane.

There is usually minimal downtime with Perlane, meaning you can go back to your normal activities almost immediately after your treatment. That said, you may experience some redness, swelling or bruising around the injection site, but these tend to subside within a few days. There is also the risk of dissatisfaction with the cosmetic results. The best way to minimize these risks and maximize your outcome is to choose an injector with a lot of experience with Perlane.  


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